2018 CPM Teacher Conference has ended

Feedback: We need your feedback!!! Go to the session you attended and click on the feedback form. If you don’t know the ID# just type in the presenters name or the name of the session!!!

College Credit for Attending the Conference

You may earn one continuing education unit (not academic credit) through Fresno Pacific University for attending all of the conference.  Each morning you will need to sign the attendance sheets located at either the Embassy Suites-Waterfront or the Hilton-Room 1421/1425 (this has been moved from the Glimmer Room). You are also required to submit evaluations for all of the sessions that you attend, including the Keynote (Saturday morning) and the Ignite Session (Sunday afternoon). Here is the link for the credit:


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Carolyn Fox

Champaign Unit #4 Schools
8th grade math teacher
Champaign, Illinois
I have been teaching with CPM curriculum for 7 years and LOVE it! I have used CCA, CC3, CCG, and a little CC1. I utilize many strategies in my lessons and am presenting this week on how to engage students with Scratch coding to supplement a couple CC3 lessons.